John Legend to Launch Food & Travel App “It’s Good”

John Legend, the double-digit Grammy winner, is as much entrepreneur as singer-songwriter. His latest project, It’s Good, is poised to compete with review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews—but with a twist.

It’s Good is part social media platform, part review site. Unlike standard sites where a single restaurant might have hundreds of reviews ranging from scathing one-star experiences to glowing five-star ones, It’s Good only allows positive reviews (and no stars). Rather than rely on the advice of strangers—or even bots—users will be able to see their friends’ recommendations, in addition to recommendations from celebrities like Jessica Alba, pro athletes, restaurant critics, and more.

At a recent tech conference, Legend summed the premise up simply: “Either you recommend it or you don’t.” With $5 million in pre-seed funding, It’s Good is in testing stages and is currently accepting waitlist applications.

While this isn’t Legend’s first business venture, it is his first tech start-up. And with lots of buzz, plus nearly 60 million Instagram followers between Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen, It’s Good is about to shake up how we share recommendations.

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