Happy Dad: Disrupting the Hard Seltzer Category

You can’t walk down the grocery store’s alcohol beverage section without spotting one or two (or a dozen) hard seltzer brands. Even childhood favorite SunnyD has one now. But in a crowded category, Happy Dad sticks out. Why is that? Because the hard seltzer brand perfectly reflects the people behind it.

Founded by NELK—the group known for its incredibly popular YouTube channel and a clothing brand that instantly sells out—and a brother duo, Happy Dad’s goal is to convince beer drinkers to try hard seltzer. (Their first tactic? Packaging their product in a regular can rather than the newly popular skinny can.) NELK is synonymous with pranks, antics, and the occasional controversy, and they’ve stayed true to that free-spirit personality in their business ventures. From the logo to the merch to the product itself, Happy Dad aligns itself with a brand that fans already know, love, and are primed to buy from. 

Another reason for Happy Dad’s success is the founders’ involvement in the day-to-day operations. They attend distributor meetings, feature Happy Dad in their content, and host in-store activations that thousands attend. There's a good reason for the frenzy: The founders have made Happy Dad just as much about the product as the experience.

By staying authentic to its audience, Happy Dad has quickly become one of the most popular hard seltzer brands. And it doesn’t plan to stop here: The brand wants to be in the top three in the next couple of years. With an impressive roster of collabs—including one with Snoop Dogg—Happy Dad is already on its way to expanding its diehard audience.

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