Kin Euphorics: A Case Study On The Beverage Brand

Kin Euphorics was founded by Jen Batchelor, who was looking to design a beverage that uplifted and supported your mental health and cognitive functioning. Essentially, she wanted to create that Happy Hour buzz – minus the following hangover.

As she explained to Bristol Farms, “I wanted to create a way for people to seek bliss and communion over shared drinks and interests, without hurting their minds, hearts, skin, integrity, or endocrine systems.”

Here’s how she created nootropic drinks, marketed it, and succeeded at it.

A bottle of beverage brand Kin Euphorics  staged next to floral still life.

Getting In The Press

Using nootropics and adaptogens in drinks to foster the mind-body connection without a drip of alcohol is a new concept.

Understandably, a more complicated part of marketing is showing without any telling. Explaining what Kin Euphorics' drinks do requires context, but in marketing, there isn’t much room for context outside of promoting external media features and utilizing Instagram captions.

So, Batchelor managed to do just that, receiving plenty of press in publications, such as Vogue and Bon Appetit, throughout 2019. By discussing the brand’s roots and what made the company unique, audiences were eager to learn more, driving droves of readers to Kin’s social media.

Kin Euphorics also launched their Dream Light drink in 2019, using calming visuals and the color purple to promote the nootropic beverage. Brand awareness built, with the beverage company eventually landing a cult following around its central products.

Bringing In Bella

2020 was quieter for Kin Euphorics; though sales were still chugging along, their social media remained quiet and the press was not as loud as it was initially. Then, in 2021, it was announced that Bella Hadid had joined the company as co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, partnering with Batchelor to share her creative vision and guide the brand forward. 

As one of the most popular models of the 2020s, Kin Euphorics was thrust into the spotlight once again – times 100. Articles popped up across the internet, and their social media following spiked. Nootropic drinks were making a comeback in the media.

The brand also underwent a change in its social media marketing; posting picked up and continues to evolve. But, the core remains the same: showcasing the drink in fun and colorful ways, and always, always putting Hadid at the forefront when appropriate.

As we mentioned in our previous article, celebrity has a large effect on marketing. Kin Euphorics has found its groove: post regularly about the nootropic drink itself, and intertwine it with spotlights on Hadid – even if only loosely connected to the beverage brand.

But, most importantly, it has found a celebrity that also puts her all into the company. As Batchelor said herself regarding the partnership: “[Hadid] is a true partner, a true co-conspirator day in and day out. And [she] works her ass off.”

A photo of Bella Hadid posing with a can of Kin euphorics.
Bella Hadid is the latest celebrity to become a Kin Euphorics partner.

What You Can Take Away from Kin Euphorics

If you’re going to start a brand that is filling a niche, find press – and fast. You want to build brand awareness early on, and no matter the form, word travels.

Once you’ve built brand awareness, continue to push – but don’t do anything that might backfire, like add more and more products that don’t contribute to or fit in with your branding. Kin stayed with its three core drinks rather than expanding rapidly in hopes of attracting more followers; Batchelor trusted that their three products were fantastic enough.

And finally, if possible, find a partner with visibility who wants to be a partner. Even smaller influencers can be great to partner with; you simply want someone who is as excited as you are to be bringing something new to the market. Without excitement and belief in an up-and-coming brand, it’s unlikely that your partner will be a partner.

Ultimately, the takeaway is this: believe in yourself and your brand more than anyone else, push it hard, and don’t be afraid to take up space that’s empty. (And find a celebrity if you can!)

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