Mercer + Prince: Infusing Art & Culture

Our focus today is Mercer + Prince, a whiskey brand founded by the renowned rapper A$AP Rocky. This unique brand has captivated consumers and fans with its distinctive fusion of art and culture, offering a refreshing perspective on the intersection of music and spirits. In this article, we will delve into the success story of Mercer + Prince and uncover why authenticity plays a pivotal role in the triumph of celebrity brands.

Mercer + Prince

Unlike many of the celebrity alcohol brands that have popped up over the past several years which only really differentiate themselves by the name on the bottle, Mercer + Prince is not only a whiskey brand but it is a brand & product that completely infuses art & culture. From the beginning, A$AP Rocky was intrigued and passionate about the traditional practices of whiskey making while setting out to develop a brand that completely disrupted the way the whisky industry has functioned for many years. In his interview with Revolt, he discusses that whiskey is a traditionally male-dominated space which he is set on changing through the way Mercer + Prince positions their brand and product. On top of that, a bottle only costs $32 which compared to other brands is cheap. 

By blending his knowledge and respect for traditional distilling practices with a desire to disrupt the industry, he created a truly unique offering. This authenticity extends beyond the liquid itself, as A$AP Rocky painstakingly crafted the brand's design, ensuring that every aspect, from the drink to the packaging, exuded quality and aesthetic appeal. The bottle itself is extremely unique as it is a mix of both form and function in that the bottle is engineered to have two removable cups that are placed at the top and bottom of the bottle. A$AP Rocky's approach serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring celebrity brands, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself, passionately pursuing a unique vision, and consistently striving for excellence in all aspects of the brand experience.

What can we learn from Mercer + Prince?

Authenticity and good design form the bedrock of Mercer + Prince's remarkable journey to success. A$AP Rocky's commitment to remaining true to himself and creating a product he genuinely believes in has resonated with consumers. In an era where celebrity endorsements can sometimes feel superficial, Mercer + Prince stands out as a brand that goes beyond mere celebrity association. At Mates, we are committed to building authentic brands around celebrities rather than just matching a product to a celebrity and calling it a day. Why Mercer + Prince is so special is that although it can stand alone as a brand itself, looking deeper it is a true reflection of A$AP Rocky himself. Taking the time to create a brand that aligns authentically with a celebrity is becoming clear as the only viable path for a brand that lasts longer than the initial launch buzz and continues to be a successful business.

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