Skincare Brands Worth Watching

An intriguing shift is underway in the realm of celebrity brands. Male celebrities, known for their ventures in the alcohol industry, are now venturing into the world of skincare. Today, we explore this fascinating transition and highlight the top men's skincare brands making waves. From Hollywood icons to chart-topping musicians, these visionary individuals are leveraging their fame to create exceptional skincare lines. In this post, we delve into the world of skincare brands founded by make celebrities, showcasing the brands paving the way and why they deserve your attention.

WearSPF - Justin Thomas

Developed in collaboration with pro-golfer Justin Thomas, WearSPF is a high-performance suncare line that includes sprays, sticks, and lotions for face, lips, and body. With a strong focus on sun safety, WearSPF aims to educate and encourage people of all ages to wear sunscreen and prioritize regular check-ups. In addition, a portion of every sale goes to the Justin Thomas Foundation, benefiting children in need, junior golf programs, and military families. Choose WearSPF for effective sun protection and to support a worthy cause.

Pleasing - Harry Styles

Founded by the renowned musician and fashion icon himself, Harry Styles, Pleasing offers a range of high-quality skincare products. With a focus on delivering effective results and promoting self-care, Pleasing offers a variety of products, including cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and more. The brand's emphasis on quality ingredients and attention to detail is evident in every product they offer. As Pleasing continues to evolve and become more popular, it's clear that Harry’s dedication to providing exceptional skincare solutions is similar to his dedication and success with his musical career. 

Le Domaine - Brad Pitt

When it comes to skincare brands worth keeping a close eye on, Le Domaine by Brad Pitt stands out as a notable contender. Founded by the esteemed actor and philanthropist, Le Domaine offers a range of premium skincare products meticulously formulated to enhance and nourish the skin. The packaging is also absolutely gorgeous. The brand's commitment to excellence is evident in their sourcing of natural and organic ingredients, ensuring high-quality and sustainable formulations. Le Domaine's product lineup encompasses a comprehensive range, including cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and treatments, addressing various skincare needs. With its focus on quality, innovation, and the expertise of Brad Pitt, Le Domaine has the potential to leave a lasting impact in the skincare industry.

Humanrace - Pharrell Williams

Although it has been around for awhile now, Humanrace by Pharrell Williams is an aesthetically beautiful brand with a strong mission that has lasted much longer than most new skincare brands. Founded by the multifaceted artist and entrepreneur, Humanrace offers a range of skincare products designed to promote healthy and radiant skin. The brand's philosophy centers around simplicity, effectiveness, and inclusivity. Humanrace aims to simplify skincare routines by offering a concise yet effective lineup of products. Their range includes a cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer, each carefully formulated with natural ingredients and backed by scientific research. What sets Humanrace apart is its emphasis on inclusivity, catering to a diverse range of skin types and tones. With Pharrell Williams' commitment to sustainability and his vision for accessible skincare, Humanrace has the potential to redefine the industry and inspire a generation of skincare enthusiasts.

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