Super Bowl LVII: The Best Celebrity-Fueled Commercials

The Super Bowl is not just about football, it's also about the highly anticipated commercials that air during the game. Companies spend millions of dollars on these ads, and each year they try to outdo each other in terms of creativity and production value. One way to grab the attention of the audience is to feature celebrities in their commercials. This year's Super Bowl LVII was no exception, with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment appearing in some of the most talked about commercials. In this blog, we'll take a look at the best celebrity commercials from this year's Super Bowl.

1: Uber One: One Hit

Uber came to the Super Bowl with a well written ad promoting Uber One that features legendary rapper Diddy. The ad plays off of popular songs and is guaranteed to make you smile! 

2: Pepsi Zero Sugar: Great Acting or Great Taste

What you might have originally thought was a trailer for an upcoming action film actually turns out to be Pepsi’s Super Bowl commercial starring Ben Stiller. It’s filled with funny one-liners and quick cutaways that all tie together perfectly around Pepsi’s campaign. 

3: Bud Light: Hold

In 2023, I think we have all had our fair share of time waiting on hold for customer service which is why this Bud Light ad featuring Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh was so relatable and enjoyable to watch.

4: Pop Corners: Breaking Bad

It’s been awhile since the hit series Breaking Bad was in the spotlight but that didn’t stop Walt, Jesse, and Tuco from making a come back in this commercial for Pop Corners. Not only is it hilarious but it’s always great to see some of your favorite characters back on the big screen.

5: Squarespace: The Singularity

This Squarespace ad is not only great because it stars Adam Driver but it's also super effective in telling the audience what Squarespace is and why it’s important in a fun and entertaining way.

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