Whipshots & Cardi B: Behind the Collab

You’ve heard of the cherry on top of a sundae, but what about vodka-infused whipped cream? Whipshots, a collaboration between rapper Cardi B and Starco Brands, recently launched a lime whipped cream, adding to its existing lineup of vanilla, caramel, and mocha flavors. 

Whipshots’s products, which don’t need to be refrigerated and contain 10% alcohol by volume, are designed to level up cocktails and garnish desserts. The brand creates recipes like Cardi-Rita (a margarita with Whipshots Vanilla or Lime) and For Heaven’s Cake (chocolate cake topped with any flavor), highlighting the various uses.

The Whip It, Beaches summer campaign features Cardi B herself promoting the new lime flavor alongside the entire portfolio, showcasing how it complements “margaritas, mojitos, and everything else under the sun.” 

While the liquor market is becoming increasingly crowded with A-listers, Whipshots is whipping up something new and showing that there’s still room for innovative products that include liquor but aren’t standalone liquors. This presents an interesting opportunity for celebrities who don’t want to join in on the standard liquor brand wave but still want to be in the alcohol space with a unique and innovative alcohol product. Cardi B’s venture also underscores the importance of celeb involvement in brands, from product development to promotion: Whipshots’s Instagram account, which boasts exclusive Cardi content, stands at 125,000 followers. 

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