Chamberlain Coffee: A Case Study On The Coffee Brand

In the ever-expanding world of celebrity brands, it's crucial to distinguish between those that are mere endorsements and those that reflect genuine passion and involvement. Chamberlain Coffee, founded by renowned influencer Emma Chamberlain, stands out as an intriguing case study in this realm. Unlike many other celebrity brands, Chamberlain Coffee's success can be attributed, in part, to Emma's ongoing engagement and sincere dedication to the brand. Just take a look at the number of followers her coffee brand has vs the number of followers she has herself. It is obvious that the brand not only resonates with her audience but has the legs to stand alone as a brand itself. 

Quick about the brand: Chamberlain Coffee was founded in 2019 and offers bags of coffee, single-serve, matcha, and teas, and as of late they have launched a RTD coffee beverage. At the start of this month, it was announced that Chamberlain Coffee raised an additional $7 million from existing and new investors, which brings their total funding to date to around $15 million dollars. Not only given the economy but the state of consumer brands in general, this is a miraculous feat for any brand and especially one that is influencer or celebrity-led.

Why is Chamberlain Coffee successful? We believe there are multiple reasons, many of which parallel Kin Euphorics which we wrote about in a previous blog. Unlike many celebrity or influencer-led brands, Emma is actually involved in the brand day to-day when it comes not only to the product but also creative. By staying engaged and genuinely dedicated to the project, Emma has created an authentic venture that resonates with consumers. This commitment to a true partnership, rather than a mere endorsement, sets Chamberlain Coffee apart from other celebrity brands and contributes to its success.

On top of this, Chamberlain Coffee has an awesome brand from the packaging and design to the overall positioning. Coffee is a wildly crowded category but Chamberlain has the unique ability to reach a much younger audience (which aligns with her own audience) that other coffee brands need help to connect with in a meaningful way. One helpful component of this engagement is through Emma’s own promotion of the brand across her own channels as well as their rewards program called “Club Chamberlain.” This rewards program allows customers to not only get closer to the brand but to get closer to Emma herself. 

All in all, Chamberlain Coffee is a brand to keep your eye on over the next few years as it continues to grow and scale to what we believe will be an enormous coffee company. 

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